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eZine : Babson Insight : "The leading-edge thinking you will find here on strategy, tactics and the outlook for the future will help business leaders and managers stay ahead of the competition." A sampling of articles includes: How Coaching Can Enhance Your Brand As A Manager, Radical Innovation, Leadership In Turmoil: the Learning Imperative, and Questions And Answers On The Paradox of Leading Change. Subscribe and receive notices by e-mail. (Go to Babson Insight)
Information Design : Omniglot – A Guide to Writing Systems : "provides a guide to over 200 different alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems including a few you will find nowhere else. It also contains details of many of the languages written with those writing systems and links to a wide range of language-related resources, such as fonts, online dictionaries and online language courses ... The word 'omniglot' comes from the Latin omnis (all) and the Greek glotta (tongue) and means 'proficient in all languages' or 'having knowledge of all languages'."
(Go to Omniglot) Source: Originally cited on LII – New this Week. Subscribe and receive it by e-mail.
Intelligence (Accelerating) : KurzweilAI.Net : "features the big thoughts of today's big thinkers examining the confluence of accelerating revolutions that are shaping our future world, and the inside story on new technological and social realities from the pioneers actively working in these arenas … We are witnessing intersecting revolutions in a plethora of fields: biotechnology, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, virtual reality, human brain reverse engineering, brain augmentation, robotics, and many others. The leading visionaries represented on this site examine these transforming trends and their profound impact on economics, the arts, politics, government, warfare, medicine, health, education, disabilities, social mores, and sexuality … Although the ‘AI’ in the title of this site suggests Ray Kurzweil's work in ‘artificial intelligence,’ it's intended here to refer to the far broader world of ‘accelerating intelligence’ in all of its diverse forms. The quickening pace of our knowledge and intelligence will ultimately alter the nature of what it means to be human … Your guide to this site is Ramona, the first photorealistic, interactive, lifelike avatar (virtual personality) that you can converse with on the web." Subscribe to their newsletter. (Go to KurzweilAI.Net)
Whitepaper : Building Social Capital – A Revolution in Relationship Models : "Knowledge is a by product of an interaction ... A series of interactions defines a relationship … Problem Statement - In a diverse, highly connected, rapidly evolving, customer centric and knowledge driven world, our current management practices and organizational structures will not be effective in serving our customers … Vision - A dynamic, fractal system made up of holistic and scaleable relationships that perpetually and dynamically adapt to the unimaginable changes in the environment. It is continuously tuned. It is in true alignment with the customer: the customer's context is the organizing force for this system. The organization described by this model focuses on creating products which are ready and able to perform a function within a particular customer business context."
Go to Building Social Capital, a downloadable, 64 page PDF document (752 KB), published by Betty – The Whole Customer Experience, a program of the Consortium for Service Innovation. Their mission is to “Advance the state of the art in support through innovative strategies, models and standards; their vision is to “Create and share knowledge across the support community to improve the customer experience, empower employees and grow the business.” While you are there, checkout Knowledge-Centered Support and other Programs.
Source: Originally cited on Steven’s [KM] Weblog
on May 2 2002.
Whitepaper : Free, Fee-Based and Value-Added Information Services : "The report considers the quality, availability and value of information on free Web sites, fee-based Web sites and value-added information services, such as Factiva. Among the findings: High quality business information on the free Web is not nearly available as knowledge workers think. More than two-thirds of publications used most often by knowledge workers either do not have Web sites or do not make their material available on the Web for free. Though free, searching the Web costs companies employee work time - valued by Outsell at $30 per hour. When information is found on the Web, its quality may be unreliable. Value-added information services, on the other hand, offer high-quality information from a wide variety of important sources. Plus, they provide user interface tools to aggregate and speed up information searches. When the cost of knowledge workers' search time is considered, as well as the cost of information, value-added information services usually save companies money." (Go to the Whitepaper, published by Factiva, a fee-based, “Web-based Service which provides your entire workforce with powerful tools for searching and monitoring news and business information.” Factiva’s mission is "to be the indispensable provider of business information and customized solutions which inspire its customers' best business decisions, globally and locally.”) Source: Originally cited in The Scout Report for May 3, 2002.

Friday, May 03, 2002

Article : Change the Way You Persuade : Published in the Harvard Business Review, May 2002 - "the authors have found that executives have a default style of decision making developed early in their careers … [Charismatics, Thinkers, Skeptics, Followers, and Controllers] … Knowing executives' preferences for hearing or seeing certain types of information at specific stages in their decision-making process can substantially improve your ability to tip the outcome in your favor, the authors conclude." (Go to Change the Way You Persuade)
Book : Creating Breakthrough Ideas: The Collaboration of Anthropologists and Designers in the Product Development Industry : Published April 30, 2002 - Editors are Susan Squires and Bryan Byrne - "Reveals how research, design, and development firms are actively recruiting social scientists, as ethnographic research becomes more central to the creation of new products and services for US and global markets." Table of Contents: a) Foreward: Ethnography, Design, and Customer Experience: An Anthropologist's Sense of It All by John F. Sherry, Jr.; b) Introduction: An Introduction to the Growing Partnership Between Research and Design by Susan Squires and Bryan Byrne; c) Converging Professions Managing for Breakthroughs: A View from Industrial Design by Charles Leinbach; d) Behavioral Scientists Enter Design: Seven Critical Histories by William Reese; e) Creating Collaborative Cultures Designing Collaborative Corporate Cultures by Bryan Byrne and Ed Sands; e) Collaborative Work: Integrating the Roles of Ethnographers and Designers by Christina Wasson; f) Team Roles in the Design Process: Living With and Creating Legacies the Benefit Design by Sally Ann Applin; g) Emerging Collaborative Processes Doing the Work: Customer Research in the Product Development and Design Industry by Susan Squires; h) A Client's Perspective On User-Centered Design by George Walls; i) Communicating with CLients by Rita Denny; j) Anthroplogy and Industrial Design: A Voice From the Front Lines by Mark Dawson; k) Semiotics as Common Ground: Connecting the Cultures of Analysis and Creation by Heiko Sacher; l) The Future of Design; m) Conclusion: Towards an Integrative Design Discipline by Ken Friedman; n) Postscript by Eric Arnould. (Find this book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble)
Information Design : Understanding USA : Produced by Richard Saul Wurman. “Public Information should be made public … This site is a celebration and a visual demonstration of questions and answers leading to understanding … Understanding information is power … Successful visual communication design can be defined as frozen conversation much as wonderful architecture is referred to as frozen music." You can download PDF files for each Chapter. “Wurman's theories on design and publishing have spawned over 75 books that have sold more than 6 million copies. From his well-known Access Guides on travel destinations to redesigned yellow pages phone directories, Wurman and his team are known for focusing on the best way to present information—the way that promotes learning and remembering. In 1975, he coined the now ubiquitous phrase Information Architect, which is what he calls himself.” Checkout his new publishing venture - TOP. “The key to TOP's formula is the design of understanding. What makes TOP special is the attention of Wurman's skilled family of writers, designers and researchers. Understanding comes from asking questions, not just listening to answers. Based on the questions most asked by consumers, the books' answers are clear and informative.” NOTE: The Macromedia Flash browser add-on is required. (Go to Understanding USA)
Reports (Technology) : The Harrow Technology Report : Published every two weeks - "the only constant is change, yet with these changes come undreamed-of opportunities. I'm excited about the incredible changes and opportunities that we have ahead of us, such as: How computing power is set to explode through advances in traditional semiconductor technology, molecular computing, quantum computing, DNA computing, and in ways we have yet to consider; How storage densities and fiber bandwidth are improving so fast that they leave the vaunted Moore's Law in the dust; How nanotechnology is preparing the way to change the very nature of the ‘things’ around us; And many more … most importantly, of what happens as all of these advances ‘come together,’ synergistically giving us far more than the 'mere' sum of the parts.” Read the Report Online or Subscribe and receive it by e-mail. NOTE: Jeff Harrow formerly authored Compaq’s extremely popular ‘Rapidly Changing Face of Computing’ newsletter.
Tools (Assessment) : William Bridges & Associates : "William Bridges has been a leader in the field of transition management since the publication of his best-selling book, ‘Transitions: Making Sense of Lifes' Changes’ 1980] … That work was the basis of his next best-selling book, ‘Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change’ [1991] … with the publication of ‘JobShift®’ [1994] and ‘Creating You & Co’ [1997], he became one of the most widely read and quoted experts on what is happening to jobs in today's organizations and new strategies that individuals must use to find work … [his latest book is] ‘The Way of Transition: Embracing Life's Most Difficult Moments’ [2001]" Available tools include: 1] Individual Transition, 2] Organization Transition, and the 3] Workplace Assessment Quiz. While you are there, be sure to checkout the Articles. (Go to the Free Assessment Tools)

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Information Society : UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society : "The Observatory's main objectives are to raise awareness on the constant evolution of ethical, legal and societal challenges brought about by new technologies. It aims to become a public service readily accessible to all by 1. providing updated information on the evolution of the Information Society at the national and international levels and 2. fostering debates on the related issues." Offerings include: Events and Conferences, Global Watch – Documents and Links (Access and Applications, Action Plans and Policies, and Content Regulation), In Focus (e.g., May 2002 - Multilingualism in Cyberspace), and Online Press Review. Subscribe to the Observatory, a weekly newsletter. (Go to the Observatory)
Survey (Management) : Test Your Management IQ : Provided by Harvard Business School Publishing, "The following survey is designed to measure your attitudes in relation to four essential management skills: Leadership, Managing Direct Reports' Expectations, Managing Change, and Team Building. After answering twenty true/false questions, submit your answers by clicking on the ‘results’ button. The survey will automatically assess your responses and, based on the results, provide you with recommended Harvard Business School Publishing resources to explore for further development. The resources will be either Highly Recommended, Recommended, or simply, Suggested." NOTE: Registration is required. (Test Your Management IQ)
The Brain : Brain Explorer : "Explore the stucture of your brain … The average brain weighs about 3 pounds or 1.4 kilograms. Although it is extremely complex, the brain is largely made up of only two cell types: neurones and glial cells. There are over 100 000 million neurones in the brain and even more glial cells. Neurones consist of a cell body, an axon and dendrites. Where cell bodies are packed closely together they appear as gray matter. Tissue containing mainly long, myelinated (sheathed) axons, is known as white matter … [The site also functions as] a guide to psychiatric and neurological disorders … The information on Brain Explorer has been edited and approved by some of the leading experts in their fields" NOTE: The Macromedia Flash browser add-on is required. (Go to Brain Explorer)
The Dark Side : Internet Addiction : "Internet addiction (also known as 'pathological Internet use') is a disorder that affects millions of Internet users throughout the world … This site is online to reach people with Internet addiction while they are participating in the behavior that is most problematic. The purpose is to inform, offer resources, and point those with Internet addiction to places where they can get help." Offerings include: Articles, Resources and a Discussion Board. (Go to Internet Addiction)
Thought Leaders : Gurus Online : "has interviewed «live» more than 100 gurus of management and technology … [Gurus Online] will help us all understand how to benefit from already mature concepts in a new world where collaboration and relationship building are becoming the key success drivers." (Go to Gurus Online)

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Community : Knowledge Engineer Community of Practice : ”The people who manage knowledge assets for corporations - especially in customer-facing roles like customer support and customer relationship management - can benefit greatly from one another's insights, but there really hasn't been a way for them to reach one another, except through forums established by KM tool vendors. But most of what people do in KM isn't tool-specific - they're building process and content-oriented expertise that they can share with people who use entirely different sorts of tools." Go to the Knowledge Engineer Community of Practice registration page. (The Knowledge Engineer Community of Practice was formed by KnowledgeFarm, “a content management service provider, specializing in knowledge management for customer relationship management, sales, and customer support.”)
Conference Proceedings : Living with the Genie : Governing Scientific and Technological Transformation in the 21st Century : March 5-7, 2002 - "No society is equipped to deal with the accelerating impacts of science and technology. Today, many different areas of science and technology are advancing synergistically, multiplying the rate and magnitude of both technological change and societal transformation. On the one hand, access to advanced technologies proliferates, and the production of novel, transforming technologies is becoming routine. On the other, the distribution of the benefits and costs of scientific and technological advance is highly uneven, both within nations and between them. Meanwhile, the culture of discovery and innovation is changing as private funding outpaces public research investments, patent protection expands to emerging types of research findings, and ownership of knowledge becomes a critical issue in the global marketplace… In the face of such challenges, we seek to stimulate a broad societal commitment to reflection, discourse, and action about how society should govern the way that it continually remakes the world with science and technology" Content includes: The Big Picture (Vision, Agenda, Panelists, and Organizers), Current Copy (Questions and Discussions, Panelists and Presenters), Resources (Links, Articles, and Bibliography) and Archived Internet Broadcasts (1 to 1.75 hours each): 1] What can we learn from past scientific and technological transformation of society? 2] What can we say about the world we are now making? 3] What research should we be doing? 4] What do we want from science and technology? 5] How are the products of science and technology appropriated and distributed? 6] How should scientific and technological progress be governed in the modern world? 7] Where do we go from here? NOTE: The Macromedia Flash browser add-on is required to open the Conference window. (Go to Living with the Genie)
Source: The Conference link was originally posted on the virtropy mail list
eZine : Ivy Sea Online : "Visionary Resources for Mindful Business" The May edition contains: “How can you be more conscious of your strengths? / 5 tips for being more conscious in your job / Business Owners: The 4 keys to success without growing big / 8 things you can do right now for a visionary year / The benefits of conscious organizational communication / Brain Food: Choose awareness, make better decisions”
Site resources are organized by Section: Community and Dialogue, Hot-Issue Portals (Celebrating Independence!; Change Management and Communication; Conflict Resolution and Communication; Corporate Culture and Communication; Ethics and Communication; Leading in a Wired World; Morale and Motivation; Renewal and Transformation; Social Responsibility; Spirituality, Faith Practices and the Workplace; Storytelling: Unleash the Power!; Strategy and Communication; Valuing People: Right Relationship and Good Business; Vision, Inspiration and Creativity), Inspired Leadership, Ivy Sea Inc Services, and Wisdom & Mastery. Within each Section, you may encounter: Feature Articles & Tip Sheets, Interesting Offsite Links, More Ivy Sea Resources, Recommended Reading, Stats You Should Know, This Month’s Tip, and Quoteworthy. Also checkout the Brain-Food Cafeteria. Subscribe to the free monthly E-Newsletter. (Go to Ivy Sea Online, “a public-service resource produced by Ivy Sea, Inc … a consulting firm that helps its clients find greater inspiration and effectiveness in organizational leadership, culture and communication.”)
Messaging (Posthumously) : : "You care about your family, friends, and loved ones ... Show you care by leaving them each an e-mail to be delivered after you pass on … For an annual service fee we provide a place where you can create and update e-mail messages that are not sent out until after you pass away. To most of us this sounds a bit depressing or morose at first, but as we consider the idea - and especially as we consider what an act of compassion this is for those we leave behind - it begins to settle with us as being the right thing to do. To sign-up for our services you must have a valid (U.S.) Social Security Number, as this is the only way we can currently track when your messages should be sent out. In addition to e-mail messages you may also upload a favorite picture to be attached to your messages, and with our Premium Service you can upload a digital video that can be viewed by some or all of your loved ones." (Go to
Philosophy (of) : Time : "Time has been studied by philosophers and scientists for 2,500 years, and although time is much better understood today than long ago, many questions remain to be resolved. This article explores both what is known about time and what is controversial and unresolved." The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy “is a non-profit organization run by the editors … Articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are currently from three sources (1) original contributions by specialized philosophers around the internet, (2) adaptations of material written by the editors for classroom purposes, and (3) adaptations from public domain sources (typically from two or more sources for per article)” Go to Time

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Creativity / Innovation : CREAX : "ensures individually customized access to Systematic Creativity for Innovation. CREAX facilitates multi-media experiences and nurtures benefit driven access into Systematic Creativity tools, maximizing individual and organizational resources." Offerings include: [Starting Places], Actual Authors, Article on Creativity In …, Basic Research, Books, Brains and Thinking, Brand Name Generation, Calls for Creativity, Chat, Companies, Conferences, Consultancy, Consultants, Creative Environment, Creative Persons, Creative Thinking Pioneers, Design, Education, E-learning and Creativity, Engineering, Fun, Hands On Tools, Hot Stuff (Creativity Site of the Year, New Site of the Month, Quote of the Day, and Surprising Site of the Week), Idea Markets, Imagination, Innovation, Inspirational Websites, Intellectual Properties, In the Picture, Inventors – Inventions, Knowledge Management and Creativity, Learning by Worst Practices, Linguistic Sources of Creativity, Magazines, Maillists and Other Exchanges, Mindmapping, News, Numbers and Creativity, Online Techniques, Organizations, Overall Pictures, Perception, Peer to Peer, Process of Creativity, Products, Quality and Creativity, Quotes, Scientific Resources, Services, Slide Shows Creativity, Social Creativity, Software, Spaces and Places, Suggestion Box – Idea Management, Tactics – Exercises, Techniques, Technique Compendia, Trendwatching, TRIZ, Very Useful, Visualization and Navigation of Information, and Writing and Creativity. W O W ! Register for free and have access to their newsletter. (Go to CREAX)
eNewsletter : NetFuture : Technology and Human Responsibility : "looks beyond the generally recognized ‘risks’ of computer use such as privacy violations, unequal access, censorship, and dangerous computer glitches. It seeks especially to address those deep levels at which we half-consciously shape technology and are shaped by it. What is half-conscious can, after all, be made fully conscious, and we can take responsibility for it … postings every two-to-four weeks or so" Read it Online or Subscribe and receive it by e-mail. (Go to NetFuture)
Report : International Electronic Commerce: Definitions and Policy Implications (GAO-02-404) : Released by the USA General Accounting Office (GAO) on April 29, 2002 - Downloadable as a 100 page PDF file (1.73 MB). Get daily updates by subscribing to GAO E-Mail Alerts. Go to International Electronic Commerce (look for Report number 4)
Tool (Privacy Policy) : IBM Tivoli Privacy Wizard : "lets you define your privacy policies and translate them into an electronic language that many applications can understand and apply … also provides a platform which allows you to develop privacy policies to communicate with those who execute and enforce it … the Wizard can be exported to P3P format, the current industry standard." NOTE: Registration is required. The Privacy Wizard is free and runs on Windows 2000. The application is distributed as an 11.6 MB zipped file. (Go to IBM Tivoli Privacy Wizard)
Whitepaper : A Fresh Start for Federal Pay: The Case for Modernization : Released by the USA Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – Strategic Compensation Policy Center on April 29, 2002 - "To meet the challenges of the present - and to anticipate and overcome the challenges of the future - Government must design and use merit-based policies and systems that are more modern, strategic, and results-focused. If the Government is to recruit, manage, and retain the human capital needed to accomplish and sustain this transformation, its white-collar pay system would need to: [bullet] Achieve the principle of providing equal pay for work of equal value; [bullet] Provide agencies the means to offer competitive salary levels on a timely, rational basis; [bullet] Recognize competencies and results, at both the individual and organizational level; and [bullet] Orient employee efforts and pay expenditures toward mission accomplishment." Read it online (in TXT format) or download the 92 page PDF file (0.98 MB). Go to A Fresh Start for Federal Pay

Monday, April 29, 2002

Articles (Knowledge Management) : Items from eCFO (May 2002) : "CFOweb is an information portal packed with vital knowledge and links to other sites that will answer all the research needs of senior finance staff." 1] Base of all knowledge – “All is not well in the world of knowledge management. Even the term makes some people squirm. Misunderstood, oversold, expensive, under-utilised, ill-defined, poorly practised, difficult to measure: knowledge management, in its various guises, is all these things.” 2] Turn knowledge into profitable power - “Even when knowledge and intellectual capital are core assets, such as in the consulting and legal professions, it's hard to put a price tag on them, and consequently many accountants shy away from trying”. Source: Originally posted on the act-km mail list
eZine (Intellectual Property) : Patent Cafe Magazine : ” connects you with more top-ranked, reliable intellectual property insiders, the most current IP News sources, and Facts on Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and Invention than any other single media information source on the Web." Offerings include: Café Mall (Books & References and IP Resource Tools), Community (Chat Rooms, Group E-mail Lists, and Message Boards), Departments (Book Reviews, Intellectual Property Law, Invention & Innovation, Magazine Index, IP Headlines, News & Opinion, Technology Transfer / Licensing, and WorldView International), IPSearchEngine (Subscription-based), Mail Lists (Major categories: Corporate Management, Intellectual Property Network, Inventing and Engineering, IP Law, and Teachers and Young Inventors), My Magazine (Customized content for Members), and PatentCafe (Advanced Resources, Business & Product Development, and Inventor’s Resources). Go to Patent Cafe Magazine
Fun : Chiasmus : "The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the world's greatest dictionary, defines chiasmus as, ‘A grammatical figure by which the order of words in one of two of parallel clauses is inverted in the other’.” An example – "An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity." – Winston Churchill. (Go to Chiasmus)
Organization : The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) : "Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce … Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source; and Copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and architectural designs. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs … [the WIPO] is an international organization dedicated to helping to ensure that the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property are protected worldwide and that inventors and authors are, thus, recognized and rewarded for their ingenuity. This international protection acts as a spur to human creativity, pushing forward the boundaries of science and technology and enriching the world of literature and the arts. By providing a stable environment for the marketing of intellectual property products, it also oils the wheels of international trade." Offerings include: Collection of Laws for Electronic Access, Conferences/Meetings, Documents, Electronic Bookshop, E-mail Updates, Intellectual Property Digital Library, IP Statistics, Recent News, Related Links, WIPO Magazine and more. (Go to The World Intellectual Property Organization)
The Dark Side (E-mail Spam) : Spam Laws : "This compilation of laws related to unsolicited bulk and commercial e-mail (‘spam’) is provided solely for educational and informational purposes, and does not constitute legal advice." Content is organized by the United Sates (Federal, State and Selected Cases), the European Union (General and Country-specific), and Other Countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Russia, and Yugoslavia). You will also find Articles, Cases, and Links. (Go to Spam Laws)

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Articles : Co-intelligence : "refers to a form of holistic intelligence, an improvable capacity of all living systems, particularly of human groups, communities and societies. The word ‘co-intelligence’ also refers to the field of study concerning that capacity and how to enhance it, and the ideas and practices which collectively make up that field." (Go to the Articles, published by the Co-intelligence Institute)
Audio / Book : Synaptic Self : Originally broadcast March 29, 2002 - "Ira [Flatow, the host of Science Friday, a weekly science talk show], talks with scientist Joseph LeDoux about his new book "The Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are" NOTE: Registration is required; RealPlayer also required. (Press ‘No’ to stop the auto-download). (Go to Synaptic Self - NOTE: The Brain and Fear segment starts 6 minutes 50 seconds into the audio; the Synaptic Self portion starts 14 minutes 30 seconds into the audio; book and related web links are available.) Source: Originally listed on the evol-psych mail list.
Community : Association of Knowledgework (AOK) : Checkout the Daily Update and the Affiliates (at the bottom of the home page). The Public Area includes AOK’s: About Us, Book Store, Conference Center, Knowledge in the News, and Search AOK/Internet. Register for a free Library Card and you also have free access to AOK’s: Leading Lights (“[which] presents the world's leading advocates of knowledge use and knowledge strategy. They are the icons, the gurus, the consultants, the authors, the teachers who are evangelizing the message to the worlds of public and private enterprise”), Library, Star Series (“[which] welcomes an outstanding knowledge professional as guest moderator for one of our four e-mail discussion groups” eg. - Charles M. Savage, David Snowden, Tom Stewart, and more), and White Papers. From the Site Map, get a Sneak Preview of the Members Area. The Members Area offers: Ask K-counselors, CoPs (Communities of practice – KA/Structure, KM/Strategy, KW/Systems, etc.), CoP Discussion Groups, CoP Libraries, Ezine Archives, KM Discussion Group, and the Member Library. (Go to the Association of Knowledgework)
eZine : Technology Review : The companion to the print edition. “MIT's magazine of innovation” - Its mission is "to promote the understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on business and society". Each Monday, watch for a new ‘Focus of the Week’. Other offerings include: Archives, Collections, Opinions/Forums, News, Regular Columns, and Special Reports. Sign-up for their free newsletters. NOTE: Some content is restricted to subscribers. (Go to Technology Review)
Tool (Privacy) : AT&T Privacy Bird (Beta) : "automatically searches for privacy policies at every website you visit. You can tell the software about your privacy concerns, and it will tell you whether each site's policies match your personal privacy preferences … reads privacy policies written in the standard format specified by the World Wide Web Consortium's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)." NOTE: Registration is required. (Go to the free download (1.36 MB) at AT&T Privacy Bird)